When you do not do more than I have suggested, it would take three to four days before your body adapts and during this time you will feel bad. And the same in blue you can expect when you return home.

Center workers, however, propose a method which consists in the rapid displacement biological clock. It is based on how much, when and what you eat.

The program begins three days prior to travel. This day you will feast. What, that I will explain later Next day you will starve. The day before leaving again feast. Finally the day of departure eat little. There are several scientific rationale of this procedure to the diet affects Emmy mat icing activity, as increasing quantities of sugar in the liver and the like, which requires a relatively complicated interpretation.

In practice the method is carried out as follows:

In “feasting” days to be breakfast and lunch rich in protein, especially for meat, eggs and protein-rich legumes do not drink coffee between 15 to 17 hour.

During dinner, increase the proportion of carbohydrate from them mainly pasta, potatoes, starches and sweets. This will help you sleep. Note that it is not suitable for diabetics.

The days for starvation do not mean eating absolutely only significantly reduce your intake, eat vegetables, for example in the form of salad, soup, dry bread, fruit, juice and drink. Like the previous day at the same time do not drink coffee.

On the day of departure seems to starvation. If you are flying to the west, for example, from Prague to New York, just starve just half a day and skip lunch, have coffee.


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