Truth About Cellulite\What You Can Do

What You Can Do
Of course, the majority of women, despite the fact that the medicine does not think cellulite is a serious problem, making great efforts to get rid of him. This is not surprising in today’s society is all about fashion, glossy magazines, programs on television, the images of the stars and so on. Every woman wants to be perfect and conquer nature, age, weight and cellulite … Beauty is booming and offers a huge amount of money to fight the hated pits and bumps. Let’s get that out of these promises is true and what is a myth.

Let’s say from the beginning – completely and permanently get rid of cellulite impossible. All forces and efforts can be applied only to make it less noticeable. Moreover, to achieve a visible result of an integrated approach Joey Atlas

You need:
Lose weight
    improve circulation
    increase metabolism
    strengthen muscles and connective tissue
    improve skin tone

This can be achieved through a balanced diet, exercise, elimination of bad habits and all sorts of procedures to improve blood circulation and tone the skin.

The most important thing to rebuild your life, avoid refined foods, fast food, purchased sweets, fat and smoking, stop smoking, be sure to engage in some physical activity. You can recommend walking, running, swimming, skiing, tennis, aerobics, classes at the gym, yoga, pilates. At home, brisk walking and running down the stairs, jump rope, and simple gymnastic exercises for your legs and buttocks will also be effective! If you suffer from overweight, to get rid of him, but always gradually, otherwise the skin will be more lax and inelastic.

About Cellulite
Homes must use hard sponge or mitten during a bath and shower, rubbing problem areas after water procedures necessary to massage, kneading, pinching and tapping your fingers or skin massager with fingers, it is essential oils (especially good citrus oils including lemon, orange, grapefruit , bergamot), then apply a special cream. Good use of anti-cellulite scrub purchase-or home-made, for example, ground coffee, honey and lemon juice. Truth About Cellulite Coffee and honey of the most effective home remedies for cellulite. Also recommend a sauna, conduct honey massage (smeared with honey skin slapping palms, because the skin is slightly honey sticks to your hands, thereby effectively improves blood circulation), and can massage, body wraps, clay, oil or honey.

Truth About Cellulite:Do not wait for miracles only from the widely advertised creams and serums are only improve skin tone, temporarily tighten it and thereby conceal the appearance of cellulite. When you stop using them, the external effect quickly disappears. But abandon them no sense these funds often provide at least limited, but fast results, they will not allow you to despair and may even inspire you to further transformation.

To achieve sustainable results only effective integrated approach. But if you change your lifestyle and you follow all of the recommendations, in a month you will notice the results. A few months already be able to flaunt in a short skirt and shorts!

  1. Dotty said:

    Thanks for all the good idea’s I am sure this information will help me as well as many others.

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