Pearly Penile Papules Removal – Types Of Stains On Your Penis

You do not have to feel embarrassed, because they are accustomed to these experts on these cases. Average daily dendrology specialist examines a dozen penises, so your problems for him are nothing new. If you want to visit dendrology department, just phone order.

Spots on the penis are categorized according to their appearance, in the following groups:

Cancroids, granule inguinal, Lymph granule venereal – a tropical disease causing painless ulcer and smelly the diagnosis must be confirmed by laboratory tests.

These diseases occur in men who have visited the tropics in them and had sexual intercourse Pearly Penile Papules Removal

Senile cancer (squalors cell carcinoma) – manifests painless irregular genital ulcer. This ulcer occurs in people over 50 years. Early diagnosis and treatment is essential because it can cause death.

Sores on the penis further divided by duration; up to two groups the first group includes acute ulcers that occur for less than two weeks. The second group includes chronic ulcers that are present more than two weeks.

This virus is very infectious and sexually transmissible. Common symptoms are an acute disease that is very serious. Acute symptoms are frequently treated with antiviral drugs. Stress or other acute diseases induce relapse. The diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory tests Pearly Penile Papules Scam

Secondary syphilis Manifestations of secondary syphilis are irregular, shallow, painless gray ulcers forming on the penis called “Snail track”.

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