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On the contrary, long-term use of growth factors is possible because especially TGF-beta-2 supports creating custom immunoglobulin and immunoglobulin simultaneous reception of foreign matter and is immediately beneficial to increase immunity.

Following information about unpleasing admirer’s whey proteins originating from the U.S.Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Here (in contrast to EU countries) is allowed for the use of cows right (recombinant bovine growth hormone), which, among other changes on behalf of certain nitrogenous substances in milk and

May then cause prostate cancer among consumers of these products

Furthermore, it could be a source of other problems as follows anabolic cooking growth factors. Problem of using whey protein with growth factors in sports nutrition but this is not yet fully resolved.

As the above information shows growth factors can influence metabolism.

Comparison of amino acid representation (AAS – Amino Acid Score) in whey protein compared with the representation of the amino acids in the “ideal protein” according to the World Health Organization shows strongly asymmetric parameters whey protein.

This means that the protein only received about half of the amino acids are utilized by the body, the other half is waste burdensome kidneys Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle

Last but not least, it also means unnecessary double costs. In some cases, the imbalance of amino acids up to a level (fourfold excess) that the product is able to rapidly induce metabolic problems in terms Wolf’s law of excess essential amino acids.

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