Fat Loss Factor Scam\Burning Calories

If you replace an intense sport easier, you have more strength and flavor should go to a walk, or go to cut the garden with my dog a little further than usual.

For body burning calories requires extreme forms of sport. Frequent low intensity exercise is better than gusty exhaustive training.

Sometimes it is sufficient if the elevator instead of the stairs you walk or when you leave your car in the garage, “advises sports coach Fat Loss Factor Program

The problem of compensation
We all know that regular exercise is good for man. But often we go to the gym, not so much because of the physical condition,Fat Loss Factor Product  as because we do not want to give up certain foods.

In order to burn calories because we run regular training, although we basically move at all tired, and then the time spent in the gym need to somehow compensate most food.

According to recent studies demonstrated eat more on the days when we practice, than in the days when we are not doing anything. And the more we practice, the more we tend to overeat.

The question is whether our body requires more food as fuel, or because we feel that we can afford it.
Fat Loss Factor E-book:Whether we eat because we are hungry, or because we feel that we deserve.
Food as a reward, much of the population still fixed to each other from childhood.


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