Diet Solution Program – How can a Low carb help you loose a lot of weight

Your strength after 4-5 days of ketosis drops, preventing you from training hard. We all know that to maintain muscle mass in any diet is needed to train with heavy weights and maximum intensity.

In this article I’m not going to refute the popular myth that diet is necessary to raise the number of repetitions to 15 to 20 Who can still believe Diet Solution Cure whatever they turn Michel David and goes to look for Cs and moldy jeans, because the only time that his views fit.

And please do not confuse here Friday circuit training in USD, whose specific role is glycogen depletion, not maintaining muscle mass.

Disadvantages ketosis therefore eliminates cycling. Basically, in two days “carb up” you can cram carbs to bursting. Starving your body is stored as glycogen.

After two days to return to be sac hard diet and hard training to get back into ketosis.
Now, practically, it is important to get into each other carbohydrates as soon as possible after the last (Round) training. Give yourself a gainer before going into the shower and the other after a shower.

The first day you initially eat simple carbohydrates, even with a high glycolic index, therefore, biscuits, fruit, ice cream sorbets=>
Then, apply the brakes and top up their supplies complex carbohydrates.

During the “carb up”, if possible, avoid fat.
During the “carb up” does not make sense to attempt training. A surge of carbohydrates lull you to sleep and training should be approached normal intensity is difficult.


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