Xtreme Fat Loss Diet – Fat Facts

Xtreme Fat Loss Diet calorific value of nutrients: 1 g Protein 4 kcal/17 kJ, 1 g carbohydrates 4 kcal/17 kJ, 1 g fat 9 kcal/38 kJ.

What are proteins?
Proteins are received from both the animal and of plant food, ideal ratio is 2/3 animal a third plant proteins.
They consist of 20 amino acids that are interacting. Xtreme Fat Loss Diet Food containing protein is cleaved by the enzymes to the amino acid – in the mouth, stomach and small intestine.

Most of the amino acids are then receives the blood to the liver. Amino acids are the basic building blocks of body protein (muscle, enzymes, hormones, and many other substances).

Xtreme Fat Scam Furthermore, some amino acids substance used to produce glucose.
The use of protein as an energy source is rather a matter for a number of reasons – energy protein content is relatively low – 17kJ / g – have a high thermos effect of combustion and proteins in the body are not in cartridge form (as opposed to Xtreme Fat Loss or glycogen). Each protein loss is the loss of organ function.

During combustion, the proteins released primarily from skeletal muscle. In severe catabolism can lose up to 250 g of muscle protein per day – that means 1 kg of muscle tissue.
When balanced daily balance is synthesized about 300 grams of protein and the same amount is released into the circulation in their life.

Balanced with a daily dieting program weight loss would be easy For More Information About Fat Loss Related Page Fat Loss Factor


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