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jogging in winter

According to Muscle Gaining Secrets – Feel free to jogging in winter
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For most people look at the runner, who trotted to a snowy landscape in a thin windbreaker, unimaginable and say what is this, for God’s sake, for a fool.

 For all such, and not only for them is determined this article that will hopefully convince you that running in the winter is not complete stupidity, and those running winter landscape attracts you, advise you on how to properly run in winter ready.

Running in the winter may not be unsanitary

If you’re cross-country skiing enthusiasts, certainly not interrupt your training just due to cold weather. Know is that running in winter has its own unique charm and far you may not in any way endanger health.

 However, if the temperature drops below ten degrees below zero, you should not try to run out, because at such a low temperature, it is indeed a risk of disease.

One of the biggest drawbacks of running in winter is that when you’re forced him to breathe the cold air. It is therefore recommended, if possible, breathe through your nose and exhale through the mouth.

If you breathe through the nose while running is not your thing, try to at least use a scarf over your mouth.

After the expiration of home (which should really be doběhnutím, therefore, do not try to run before exit and then come home, because body while walking you could catch a cold very quickly) do not stay in wet clothes immediately change into something dry.

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