Combination of medium weights and higher reps

Try using a combination of medium weights and higher reps with shorter rest periods and training with heavy weights and low reps. According to Kyle Leon Somanabolic muscle maximizer Keeping only the new and varied stimulation, but more will develop general strength and fitness.

Such a method provides the possibility of burning body fat and also prevents excessive reduction of testosterone as it is in continuous endurance exercise.

Fourth organism is able to adapt to virtually any load and therefore it is necessary volume and intensity of load increase proportionately increased strength.

Speed and strength training -Check Somanabolic muscle maximizer

Imagine two athletes who stand next to each other – each has on the axis in front loaded 405 pounds.

Suppose there are in all respects identical – except for one crucial fact.

A sportsman is a high jumper, while athlete B has reached its presence traditional bodybuilding methods.

None of them has 405

Nothing else knows about them. On which of them you bet your money that sooner Passenger car pulls this?

Ten out of ten people, including those who are hanging around performance sports bets on the jumper why?

With sports assumptions can bet that such a person is able to use his strength quickly.

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